About us

We are a team of the University of Applied Sciences Munich consisting of eight students of aerospace engineering.

The original idea of ​​participating in the REXUS/BEXUS-program came at the beginning of the year as part of a construction project at the university. Some of our members may call themselves diehard space enthusiasts, for whom an experiment under space conditions is more than tempting. More team members were quickly found and in recent months the team has been able to concretize the experiment in the form of a technology demonstration.

Our education at the University of Applied Sciences Munich

The Aerospace Engineering degree course is a specialized mechanical engineering course with a focus on flying equipment. The university attaches great importance to practical teaching in its program design. Thus, the program includes a four-month industrial internship as well as a series of practical courses in various fields. As the aerospace industry is smaller in volume than aviation, it is harder for us students to gain hands-on experience in this area. At the same time, aerospace is fundamentally different from aviation in some respects, especially in terms of operating conditions, regulations and safety. The REXUS/BEXUS-program offers students the ideal opportunity to experience first-hand the structures and processes of the space industry. Of course, participating in a real rocket launch is no less tempting.

Plans for our Experiment beyond AIMIS

Our experiment serves as a prelude to a series of experiments and studies with the ultimate goal of producing structures with theoretically infinite dimensions in space. Already some of the tasks in the final development process will be taken over as project work of younger semesters. For some members of our core team, the project also reveals the topic and content of their bachelor thesis.

We are supported by employees and students of Munich University of Applied Sciences and industrial partners from Munich and the surrounding area.

Teamleader and Software Design

B.Sc. Patricio Maier

As the team leader he represents the team to the official bodies of the REXUS/BEXUS program, handles much of the communication with external partners, and works with Fabian to organize the team’s public appearances. Also leads the team’s Instagram account.
Together with Christoph he is responsible for the development of the electrical systems as well as the development of the software for our experiment.

After just starting the Master of Aerospace Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich, it is particularly important for Patricio to gain insight into the everyday working life in the space industry that we receive through the project. He looks forward to further cooperation with the experts of the organizations involved and the combination of theory and practice that results.

Project Manager and Systems Engineer

B.Sc. Alexander Titz

Began the project in the last semester of his bachelor’s degree program and wrote the thesis entitled “Developing a Methodology for Project Management and Systems Engineering in the REXUS Project: AIMIS” on his responsibilities within the project.

At AIMIS, he is responsible for the organization, planning and documentation of the project as well as the coordination of the individual departments, which requires a broad range of knowledge as well as social skills. Together with Fabian, he takes care of maintaining the requirements list in order to successfully coordinate the individual areas. In addition, he will be responsible for manufacturing the components together with Christopher from the summer.

Product Design

B.Sc. Christopher Urbach

Christopher is responsible for the development of the mechanical design, the creation of the CAD models and the technical drawings of the experiment. He also takes care of the manufacturing of the components and maintains close contact with various industrial partners.

Chris is now studying Aerospace Engineering at the Munich University of Applied Sciences in the second Master’s semester and is also working as a working student in a space company. There he gets a deep insight into the production-oriented design in the areas of mechanical manufacturing and design.

Simulation and Testing

B.Sc. Leonard Hofmann

Leo’s responsibility in the team lies in the simulation and evaluation of important experimental procedures, which allows us to fly our experiment regularly in advance. In addition to simulating the core of our experiment, the extrusion of the polymer, he simulates the mechanical stresses of the flight as well as the thermal processes of the electronics and the curing process and is therefore in constant communication with his teammates. He also supports Jannik in the selection and assessment of the polymer.

In keeping with his graduate studies in aerospace at the UAS, he is excited to have the opportunity to accompany an experiment from the idea to the flight and thus combine theory and practice in a wonderful way.

Polymer- and LED Design

B.Sc. Jannik Pimpi

Within the team, Jannik’s main focus is the implementation of a functioning, compliant curing system. This includes on the one hand the selection of suitable UV-LED’s and the selection of the resin and the other hand, the determination of the perfect configuration of the two components. Likewise, he supports Patricio in the creation of certain electronic components as well as Leonard in thermal calculations.

Being in the second semester of the Master of Science “Applied Engineering Sciences”, the Masters thesis is due in the coming semester. With the goal of working in the space industry after completing his master’s degree, the REXUS program provides him with a perfect insight into the prevailing working practices and procedures.

Electric Systems

B.A. Christoph Drexler

Aerospace Engineering student at the University of Applied Sciences Munich in the 5th semester.

Software Developement

B.Sc. Dariusz Oleksy

Aerospace Engineering student at the University of Applied Sciences Munich in the 7th semester.

Groundtesting and Head of PR

B.Sc. Fabian Schill

Together with Alexander he is responsible for creating and maintaining the requirements list, which is the definition of what the experiment can or cannot do. In addition, he is responsible for the planning and organization of the various analyses, simulations and tests that serve to verify these requirements.

In addition, Fabian is responsible for the public appearance of the team, he maintains the website, the Twitter account and the Facebook page. Also, a large part of the organization of fairs and conferences in which AIMIS participates, runs over him.

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