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12. December 2018 – Munich, Germany —


Hello together,

a short update on our project. On Friday we received the news that our team is now officially part of the REXUS Cycle 12!

Our experiment will be launched from Kiruna, Sweden, in March 2020 together with six further experiments. An overview of the participating teams can be found here:

New REXUS Experiments

Cycle 12 of the REXUS program includes the launch of two rockets,  RX27 / RX28. We are currently scheduled for RX27.
There will be a number of milestones during the project. Coming up is the so-called Preliminary Design Review (PDR). This will take place as part of a training week in February 2019 in Oberpfaffenhofen and serves as a detailed review of our design.
In the PDR, we have to prove that we have found the best solutions for problems that have occurred and are still occurring within our experiment and how we want to prove them by simulations and tests. In addition, our team management and the documentation of the results required for such a project will be reviewed.
Upon completion of the PDR and incorporation of any changes, our design is approved and we can start with the detailing and simulation of each component.

Further details and an overview of the remaining milestones can be found here:

What to Expect

Until the PDR there is still a lot to do for our team! We’ll keep you up to date.

Until then, have a nice week and a happy pre-Christmas time!

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