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05. February 2019 – Munich, Germany —


Hello everybody,

You have not heard from us in a while, so first:

Team AIMIS wishes you a happy new year!

The last few weeks have been quite eventful for our team members! We took the last exams of the semester, for some of us even the last ones of the Bachelor, and finished a couple of bachelor theses. The semester is ending, so we are again focusing more and more on the REXUS program.

First an update to our project. The mechanical design of our experiment is completed for the time being and essentially unchanged from our already printed 3D model. We will finalize the design in the next few weeks following our PDR so that we can start manufacturing the components in the summer. There will be more information about the PDR later this week!
In addition, we are currently working on the electrical design, mainly the control of the motor and the UV LEDs we need to cure the polymer.
As you might have already seen on Instagram or Twitter, we also started to do the first polymer tests. At this stage, we want to find out which polymer is best suited for our purposes. The most important criteria are the degree of curing and the time required for this. Thank you DELO Industrie Klebstoffe at this point, your polymer looks very promising so far!

Apart from the experimental hardware, we were not idle in the last weeks! We finally distributed flyers at the campus to expand our team a bit. In addition, there are now cups and wallpapers with our team logo. With this, we take over, piece by piece, the laboratory provided by our university! More AIMIS Merch is planned and is slowly taking shape. We’ll keep you up to date!
Additionally, the university itself has published a post about our project in the last week, you can find it here:


Finally, a little highlight: If you want to meet our team and see our project live and in color, you will soon have the opportunity to do so! On March 2 and 3, we will be present at Make Munich together with seven other faculties of the University of Applied Sciences Munich. We will give an insight into our work all weekend long and would be pleased to welcome you there. You can find more information about Make Munich at https://www.make-munich.de/

That’s it for now. We will contact you again this week with information about the further project process and the PDR (we also clarify the question: what the f *** is a PDR ???)

Until then, smooth sailing!

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