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16. March 2020 – Munich, Germany

Unfortunately, we have some sad news:

As you probably know, we were supposed to be at the Launch Campaign in Kiruna in the last two weeks and would probably already have completed the flight of our experiment on RX27 today.

Unfortunately, the SSC has postponed the launch campaign for the time being due to the spreading Corona virus in Europe. The organization does not want to endanger the campaign participants or their own ongoing operations. In addition, an outbreak of disease so far in the north of Sweden would be irresponsible due to the low medical capacity.

We are disappointed as a team, of course, but can understand the reasons for the shift and support the precautionary measures. We have been waiting for news about a possible new launch date in the last few days and now want to inform you that the start will probably not take place in the next two months.

We are now using the time to further improve the experiment, do some bug fixing and bring the project to a conclusion for us. Of course we are still looking forward to the launch campaign and hope that the situation calms down fast enough that it can take place as soon as possible.

Until then, we wish you all the best and stay healthy!


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