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24. November 2018 – Munich, Germany —


Hello everybody,

Glad you found your way to our website. We will report on the progress of our project here in as much detail as possible at regular intervals.

As you may already have learned, the AIMIS team consists of seven students from the Munich University of Applied Sciences. There, with one exception, we are all enrolled in the 7th semester of the Aerospace Engineering degree program.

The idea to participate in the project came last semester from our supervising professor. As part of a space construction project, he introduced us to the REXUS / BEXUS program and harvested the interest of his students. For the space enthusiasts among us, only the REXUS program came into question. The subject of the experiment, the production of supporting structures in space, was quickly found and has been condensed in recent months to a feasible experiment. During this time, our team has grown to the current seven students.

The current Cycle 12 of the program started in June with the application phase and ends in March 2020 with the rocket launch. In October, we applied for our experiment and were invited to introduce ourselves to DLR in Bonn. This selection workshop will take place on 26. and 27.11. in Bonn. The choice is necessary because the space for experiments in the rocket is limited. Our team is represented with three members and tries to prevail against teams from all over Germany, the result of the workshop and thus the acceptance or refusal to attend will be announced in December.


Accordingly, we are currently preparing for the journey, making final adjustments to our presentation and hone our social media presence. By the way, you can find them here:

Twitter: @AimisRexus
Instagram: @teamaimis

Wish us luck next week, we’ll keep you up to date!

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